Blog Post Automation Test

Blog Post Automation Test


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I discovered while looking into automating my posts using the Hashnode and API's.

This got me thinking, how far can I take this?

So, I jumped to and had a look at their connectors. Sadly, Hashnode and is not available, but I did find a connector for, a platform I'll admit I did not know existed.

I quickly registered an account on, although admittedly only to take advantage of the IFTTT connector. Next, I created two new applets in IFTTT:

If I post on, then post an update on my LinkedIn Alt text


If I post on, then post a link on my Twitter Alt text

What does this all mean though?

By leveraging multiple automation systems, I hope to have created a post creating-sharing-automation beast πŸ‰

So then, the question, "Does it work?"

We'll be finding out together 😎. I am using this post as a sample. If it works, I'll update it below, and if it doesn't, I'll update it all the same πŸ‘‡

Automation Checks

[βœ…] Hashnode



[βœ…] Twitter

[βœ…] LinkedIn

The take away

In theory, the automation worked like a charm ✨

It posted to my LinkedIn no problem: ksnip_20220212-185510.png

It also posted to my Twitter page, minutes after the blog posts went up:



The experience was not...smooth 🧼: is great, but it's still in beta. I had to redo the same post twice because it doesn't autosave and spellcheck is non-existent, even with browser extensions enabled. By using, I miss out on the feature rich editor of, the autosaves, the spellcheck and the great metadata editor. is amazing, but relying on it takes away some of the charm, the style if you would...The links to the post are ugly redirect links, rendering my custom domain pointing useless. The posts feel...automated, non-inviting and I can only imagine the feeling getting worse as time progresses.

But the biggest problem, Don't get me wrong, the platform is fine, but I pointed my custom domain to the Hashnode network, because I put effort into the design and maintenance. The automated posts all direct to, meaning it will never generate traffic to my / pages, and this is a deal breaker for me.

But, in the end, I had fun tinkering, as I always do πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬

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